Jan 30, 2018

We are now online

The newly founded company Veramaris, an equal joint venture of DSM and Evonik, has now launched its website.

The website is an interactive portal that provides user with our stories, general information and material about Veramaris: Who is Veramaris? What do we do? And why are we doing this?

We asked ourselves these key questions as we worked to give our company an identity and breathe life into it. In doing so, we oriented ourselves to Simon Sinek's well-known framework. He calls it the golden circle.

From these three simple questions – who, what and why – it was easy to determine the structure of our website, which is minimalist and easy to navigate. A large media database has been included to help journalists to find the perfect picture for a story about Veramaris and the work we are doing to make aquaculture more sustainable. For example, we offer a variety of stunning images of an aquaculture farm in Norway for download.

If you are curious now and would like to know more about Veramaris? Then just start here with our story, or read about how we produce our algal oil by fermentation in Nebraska. If you're most interested in finding more about our reason why, then discover what we mean when we say: Veramaris is closing the supply-demand gap for omega-3.

Making sure we are in continuous dialogue with our customers, stakeholders and everyone interested in Veramaris is really important to us. In fact, the value chain approach is at the core of our business model. We listen to the needs of all partners along the value chain and far beyond, because we understand and recognize that we will have to work together to enable sustainable growth of animal production. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.

We really do welcome feedback and want to keep the discussion ongoing!

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