Aug 24, 2019

TARS 2019 – Aquafeeds: Fit for the future

Veramaris sponsored the TARS 2019 conference in Bali, August 14th-15th. More than 200 participants from all over the world enjoyed the high-level lectures and actively participated in the breakout sessions to better understand the state of the art of this industry in the APAC region.

Shrimp and fish farmers, feed millers and fish feed companies, together with invited speakers from research institutions, attended the two-day conference. The heterogeneity of the audience enhanced the sharing of different points of view and all the participants together mapped the different challenges that industry needs to address to achieve excellence in the near future.

Ester Santigosa
Senior Aquaculture Scientist at DSM Nutritional Products

In this edition the conference focused on how to fit the aquafeeds to better support the sustainable growth of the industry: a review of the state of the art in different APAC countries was followed by research-focused talks about nutrient requirements, disease and health management and the opportunities and challenges on fish meal and fish oil replacement. In this last chapter, Veramaris shared with the audience the latest research obtained in different animal trials conducted in different species, including shrimp.

Disease management and sustainable feeds are major points of concern and need to be rapidly addressed to promote shrimp and fish farming growth. The use of an alternative source of EPA and DHA in the diets of fish and shrimp in the Asia Pacific region can support the growth of the aquaculture industry by offering a solution that promotes at the same time the health of the animals, the health of the oceans and the health of the people.

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